JJ's Bazaar Adventure

The climb

Characters this session (Monster side):


As the makeshift group slumbers, another awakens in the bone room. The Blacksmith Gwar makes his way through the now cleared dungeon. The group meet the lost traveler and cautiously welcome him. The new day brings options and the group decided to travel down the dangerous cliffs to escape the mountain. Through grit and spell the shaky alliance makes their way down forming bonds and learning one another’s abilities. Kealub’s skill at climbing appears to be nearly super human.

Passing an ice dragons roost, the group hastily make further progress when the mother dragon returns. Nix uses a magical ability to save Po when it appears that Po wont make his climb down in time. Nix blows it off as a powerful spell.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain the group discovers a small town that appears abandoned. The group soon learns that all the people are frozen as if one large effect suddenly frove the whole town. Taking shelter in the ruins of the tavern the group all share a vision almost like a visual memory of a time no one remembers. Each member of the party was there and it seems as though they were in this town before. The next day the group finds the town has been looted and Kealub and Gwar explore the countryside for clues to their current location.

Nix only finds the source point of the effect but no clues other than the towns folk are dead. Gwar and Kealub find a signpost that gives a landmark for our map. The duo send Nix’s familiar back to call Nix and Po. Upon meeting the group realizes that they will need water and decide to head back to the frozen town.

Scope awakens to find the desolate town and his group gone. He does not have time to reflect on this due to the fact that he is being hunted by a pack of winter wolves. After taking shelter in the tavern the group arrives to fight. After a long hard fought battle where Nix used his spell effect wings that Kealub noticed was somewhat Angelic, and Kealub’s unnatural healing was noticed by Nix the party took shelter on the roof of the tavern just in case.

Making a plan the group gets a barrel and a wagon and fix them up, with Gwar skill and fortune was able to piece together a fine wagon from Nix’s technical knowledge.

Using a pull, walk, rest strategy the group make it to the nearby city in time to see a large army of goblins and orcs massed outside the city. Then a portal is opened and the army moves through. The portal then vanishes as the mages closed the portal and head back into the city.



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