JJ's Bazaar Adventure

Clash at the Pass: The fall of darkness

Monster Party
Kaeleb Thirsten
John Ken Po (normal)
Phoenix Spellgrave
(Roy’s Minotaur Baba)

Dravin MakaFlo
Duncan “Dunn” McClain
Linken Alexander
(roy’s Halfling rogue)

As the conflict spreads out John Ken finds himself battling a skilled warrior and a battle priest, Kaeleb cuts the rope of the fleeing ranger, and Holyscope finding himself unable to scale the rock barrier decides to charge the fallen ranger. Phoenix still under the effects of the summoning and under orders to retrieve the Princess makes his way to the Monster parties camp. (Roy’s Ba) unsure of the fate of Phoenix, waits with the princess for his companions to return. (roy’s Ba) soon spots Nix, but with a strange glow about him and his warning to"stop me" he readies to defend the princess.

Having fallen to the ground and badly injured Dravin tries to retrieve a potion to stop the bleeding. But to his utter horror finds a full plated bull charging him, barely surviving the onslaught Dravin finds himself disabled at the bulls feet. Jocee seeing this hops into action. (roy’s Ha), having been alert the whole time and not dozing behind a rock sleeping, takes the opportunity to strike the bull with a poison arrow. This action alerts the Wall walker to his possible location so (Roy’s ha) ducks for cover. Jocee struck the bull knocking him out as the musician tended to Dravin. Link and Dunn find themselves facing off against a fat black and white Werebeast. At first Link boosts Dunn’s abilities in an attempt to defeat the beast. but its tough hide and nimble movements are too much for the old soldier. So Link uses one of his more powerful spells hoping to make an opening for Dunn. To everyones surprize the hot light struck true and took the Werebeast down.



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