JJ's Bazaar Adventure

The sacking of An Havva

Party members this adventure (Human side):


The next day the Dunn accepts a job to investigate and possibly stop the occurrences of the people being attacked in the small woods near town. Cee accepted a mission to locate and deliver herbs to the nearby outpost.

After leaving Mia in the care of the Myners, Dunn, Link and Maka leave town to enter the woods. After a mostly successful approach strategy the adventurers spot and put down a scout element consisting of two goblins. Maka using his woodsman (elf) training sneaks up on the encapment of a large force consisting of Orcs, Goblins,and Bugbears estimated total in the hundreds. Returning to the group the party decides to take the unconscious surviving goblin to town.

After an uneventful quest to gather herbs Cee makes his way to the outpost only to discover that the outpost has been sacked. After searching the area Cee finds the Masterwork sword of the outpost captain. A messenger arrives from An Havva mortified to find that the outpost and all its defender have been wiped out. Taking Cee back to town with the grim news.

After interrogating the goblin and learning that the force is about two hundred strong the party attempts to rally the towns meager defenses, after learning of the sacking of the outpost the towns moral is low. Standing bravely the group is ready to battle. But as the forces of the enemy gather, it is clear that the adventurers and the townsfolk are out matched and out gunned. Nearly seven hundred head ready to fight. The last of the towns defenses flee to the neighboring cities and towns.



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