JJ's Bazaar Adventure

Save the children

Party members this adventure(Human side):

After arriving at Rashidian Port the party got there bearings. learning that they had arrived on the continent of Titania and of the nearby town of An Havva the adventurers prepared then selves for the journey ahead. JoCee and Linken begin things in the spirit of entrepreneurship by buying some Fish jerky, with the intent to sell. Having bought 10 pounds for a gold piece (5 cp per 8oz unit) the party headed to An Havva.

At An Havva while Cee and Link went to sell their goods, Dunn and Maka accepted a job to find some missing children. After finding the two male children, the party learned that the young female was taken by strange men. The party chased down the slavers wagon and after a brief scuffle all but one was dispatched. The party was able to free the prisoners and rescue the young Myner girl.

Maka while attempting to hunt down the fleeing slaver discovered strange activities occurring in the small wooded area near the town. Unknown people stalking the woods attacking travelers or anyone in the area. Fearing for his life Maka gave up the hunt and returned to his companions with word of his ominous discovery.

Learning one of the slaves was am orphan, Link took it upon himself to care for her. Mia will travel with the party until Link finds a suitable home for her.



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